"Always do right.
This will gratify some and astonish
the rest."

-Mark Twain

Michael Rion, Ph.D. , Principal

Resources for Ethics and Management helps organizations improve performance and strengthen responsible decision making through the practical application of ethical principles and the encouragement of values-driven behavior.

Resources is a pioneer in developing practical decision making frameworks to increase business integrity. Resources offers custom business ethics, compliance and code of conduct training. Resources helps to strengthen corporate culture, reinforce a commitment to quality, vision and values and to demonstrate how values are the drivers of behaviors essential to achieving business results.

Principal Michael Rion developed one of the first corporate ethics training programs beginning in 1979 and was among the first to identify ethics as a driver of performance and to help companies tap the power of shared values. Resources assists clients to comply with Federal Sentencing Guidelines, reinforce company values and build individual decision making skills. Resources also assists companies doing business in foreign countries to honor U.S. standards and corporate values while respecting local laws and customs.


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